Business Zoning

Land Development Ordinance

The Land Development Ordinance was enacted to protect the public health, safety, and general welfare, and to implement the policies of the New Market Master Plan. The regulations are specifically intended:

  • To classify, regulate, and limit the height, area, bulk and use of buildings;
  • To regulate and determine the area of front, side, and rear yards, and other space around buildings;
  • To regulate and determine the use and intensity of use of land and lot areas;
  • To classify, regulate and restrict the location of trades, callings, industries, commercial enterprises and the location of buildings designed for specified uses;
  • To divide the entire town into districts of such number, shape, area and of such different classes as are deemed best suited to carry out these purposes;
  • To fix standards to which buildings or structures therein shall conform;
  • To prohibit uses, buildings, or structures incompatible with the character of such districts;
  • To prevent additions to and alteration or remodeling of existing buildings or structures in such a way as to avoid the restrictions and limitations herein lawfully imposed;
  • To provide for a Board of Appeals and prescribe its powers and duties;
  • While accomplishing the foregoing purposes, to protect lawfully existing uses which do not conform with regulations for districts in which they are located.

Land Development Ordinance – Article VIII: Forest Conservation

On January 11, 2018, the Mayor and Town Council of the Town of New Market adopted Ordinance 2017-05. This ordinance is for the purpose of prohibiting certain development projects from cutting or clearing certain forests within the Town of New Market unless a forest stand delineation and a forest conservation plan are in effect. Please click here to view Ordinance 2017-05.

Zoning Map

To view the current Zoning Map for the Town of New Market, click here.

Economic Development Flex Zoning District

In 2012, the Town of New Market passed Ordinance 2012-03 to amend the Land Development Ordinance to provide for the establishment of an Economic Development Flex (EDF) Zoning District. Click here to see the ordinance.