A Message from the Mayor…..

The Mayor and his family

The Mayor and his family

On behalf of the Town Council, and myself I would like to welcome you to The Town of New Market. I am the seventh generation of my family to grow up here. My great grand parents owned and operated the New Market General Store for many decades. My son, Kai, attends New Market Elementary and my daughter, Hannah, attends Linganore High School. My wife and our family live at 69 West Main Street. My father and I operate a small family cabinet making business. We have 11 family members who live in town. We attend Life of Christ Church and are also members of the New Market Methodist Church where many of my ancestors are buried. Our family has much invested in the town.

We have invited you to share with us all that was good about New Market. In the old days we all lived and worked together in the stores, factories and farms surrounding the town. We attended one of three local churches, ran fire calls and belonged to at least one of several civic organizations in town.

The Town Council and I have worked hard over the last few years to maintain the cultural heritage and traditional lifestyle that is New Market. Although the economy has recently presented significant challenges, we have many of the building blocks in place to ensure a vibrant future. We have new zoning laws that permit more shops and businesses along Main St. Before I became Mayor, it was antiques only. We installed new water lines through Main St. and other areas to fuel economic development and provide a safe and reliable source of drinking water. We have a Blue Ribbon school that is not only the best in the County, but perhaps the nation. We have provided playing fields for our local youth athletic association (LOUYAA) so our kids have a place to play sports. We have one of the best Historic District Commissions in the County that help not only preserve the Historic District, but provide architectural guidelines for all our new villages. We have a Planning Commission that is forward looking in their planning to ensure that the Town not only moves boldly forward into the future but does so in fashion with our cultural identity and history.

Our vision is to create a community where one can live, work, play, dine, walk, shop and go to school. We welcome you to our town and hope you will join us in growing our vision and our town to share our life with future generations of this town.

You are free to contact me anytime if you have any needs or questions. My email address is winslow.burhans@burhanscabinetco.com and my cell phone number is 301.748.6517. If I don’t have an answer to your question, I’ll get you one.


Winslow F. Burhans, III