Town of New Market Forms, Permits & Fees


On 13 April 2017, Resolution 2017-01, Establishing Fees for Town Permits and Approvals Required by the Land Development Ordinance 09-01, was implemented and in effect. Please click here to see the Resolution in full.

General Permit & Instructions (updated Instructions coming soon)

Public Right-of-Way Restoration Permit

New Market Use Certificate

Board of Appeals Procedures & Form

Zoning Permit (coming soon)

New Market Business License

Community Park Rules, Permit Application & Sign

Building Permit Fees

 New Buildings (Single Family Dwellings)
 Multiple Family Swelling per Unit
 Accessory Building
 Commercial and Industrial Buildings
 Remodeling and Alteration
 Remodeling and Alteration when demolition permit requested
 Notice of Appeal for Board of Appeals

 Subdivision Fees

 Preliminary Plat  


 Final Plat  


 Site Plan  


 Improvement Plan  


 Forestation Plan

 Text Amendment Fees – $