Town of New Market Forms, Permits & Fees

General Permit & Instructions

Public Right-of-Way Restoration Permit

New Market Use Certificate

Board of Appeals Procedures & Form

Zoning Permit (coming soon)

New Market Business License

Community Park Rules, Permit Application & Sign

Building Permit Fees

 New Buildings (Single Family Dwellings)  $250.00
 Multiple Family Swelling per Unit  $50.00
 Accessory Building  $50.00
 Commercial and Industrial Buildings  $1/$1000 of project Cost
 Remodeling and Alteration  $50.00
 Remodeling and Alteration when demolition permit requested




 Notice of Appeal for Board of Appeals  $250.00

 Subdivision Fees

 Preliminary Plat


 $150 pus $5/acre and $20/lot


 Final Plat


 $75 plus $15/lot


 Site Plan


 $75 plus $35/acre


 Improvement Plan




 Forestation Plan  $100/page

 Text Amendment Fees – $1,500.00