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New Market Facade Improvement Program: Virtual Pre-application Workshop: January 23 or February 2, 2021

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You Are Not Alone: from New Market Community Care Team

Dear Neighbors,
I hope this message finds you safe and well. Right now, we are all experiencing an unprecedented crisis with the spread of COVID-19; and each of us are facing different challenges in our homes and lives. But we are reaching out today to let you know that you need not face them alone. New Market is a close-knit community, full of caring people ready and waiting to help in any way we can. To that end, we have assembled a team of volunteers to offer resources to help others navigate this pandemic in multiple ways:
1) Grocery pick-up and delivery;
2) Prepared meal delivery;
3) Medication pick-up and delivery;
4) Weekly phone or FaceTime check-ins.
If you, or someone you know are in need of assistance—particularly seniors, those who are immunocompromised, or those living alone—or if you are interested in volunteering with us, please contact our coordinator Ashly Wright at or call 415-810-2744. As we are just beginning to embark on this ministry, we are working with limited resources. If you would like to contribute to the cause, you can donate to us on the New Market UMC website, and include the line item “New Market Community Care.”
We are also cooperating with the New Market Rotary Club and the New Market Lions Club to meet the needs of our community.
The Grace Episcopal church (5740 Green Valley Rd.) has also set up food donation bins and a food distribution pantry that is available 24/7. The bins and pantry are located under the eave on the left hand of the sanctuary doors. Undistributed food will be donated to another local pantry.
And if you or someone you know are experiencing anxiety, depression, or suicidal thoughts, please don’t hesitate to call the Maryland crisis hotline at 1-800-422-0009. Supportive listening and crisis intervention for children in grade 5 and below is also available at 301-694-8255.
You are not alone. Thank you for reading, and be well!
New Market Community Care Team

FY 2020 Real Property Tax Rebate

FROM Ordinance 2019-02: SECTION III: BE IT FURTHER ENACTED that any real property owner who reaches the age of 65 during the 2019-2020 fiscal year is eligible for a $100 tax refund. This refund will be calculated according pro-rated period of property ownership during the 2018-2019 fiscal year. This refund applies to only one owner per property. Refund will only be disbursed to the property owners as certified by the State Department of Assessments & Taxation. Refund will be disbursed in the name of all property owners of qualified properties regardless of age. This refund is not limited to the number of properties owned. All taxes must be paid in full before tax refund disbursed. Corporately held and partnership properties do not qualify for refund.

Please print and complete the 65+ Tax Rebate form and mail or drop off at Town Hall: 40 South Alley, PO Box 27, New Market, MD 21774-0027


 Interested in Volunteering?

We’re looking to develop a talent bank of volunteers that we can draw from when there are openings on the various boards or commissions. If you are interested, please stop our office for an volunteer application form or click here.


Frederick County Emergency Notification System

Frederick County has an emergency notification system. You may sign up for alerts on Severe Weather Alerts, Governmental Notices, General Announcements, and Law Enforcement Advisories. The service is free of charge. To register click here.