Steps to Hook Up to Public Water in the Town of New Market

Click here for the instructions on how to hook up to public water and sewer.
 Water Re-Classification Application       Due Date
November 2013 11/1/13
March 2014 3/1/14
July 2014 7/1/14


Water & Sewer Agreements for the Town of New Market

The Water Sewer service for the Town of New Market is provided by Frederick County. The agreements between Frederick County and New Market allow for the efficient provision of water to residents and properties within the Town and also for future growth. The agreements govern the procedures and the availability of water and sewer taps. The Town has also executed Multi-Year Tap Agreements (MYTAs) with Royal Oaks, Brinkley Manor, The Orchard and Marley Square. To review these documents click on the appropriate link below.