Welcome 2015 – Streetscape begins!

On Tuesday, January 13th Concrete General will start the storm water management phase of streetscape. Washington gas has a few more weeks of work. Thanks to everyone for your patience as we continue our project. As we get more information we will be posting it. Please remember if you would like to remove “your” pedestrian light you are welcome to do it at your convenience. The town would like to recommend that you consult or hire a licensed electrician before doing so.

The published CTP funding for this project is:

Planning $0.00
Engineering $1,781,000.00
Right-of-way $142,000.00
Construction $6,000,000.00
Total $7,923,000.00


New Market Streetscape Perspective Rendering Looking East at Town HallStreetscape Project

(From West of Royal Drive to Bye Alley)

This page will keep you updated on everything Streetscape. Please keep checking back with the town’s website, FaceBook or Twitter page for all updates on the progress, detours or issues with construction of MD 144.

Currently, we are expecting minor construction to begin on January 1, 2015. This construction will consist of the installation of our storm water drainage. Then in Spring of 2015, Concrete General will begin major construction on all parts of MD 144 for the next 2 years.

The town’s liaisons for Streetscape are Councilman Shane Rossman and Councilman Jake Romanell.

Other Links

SHA’s Project Page


You will start noticing that signs are taking over the town. These signs are staged for future road closures and detours. Please note that the town will let you know ahead of time when these events will happen.


Streetscape Update

Washington Gas Co. is preparing to start work on gas lines next week. This work will be throughout the historic district and MD 144. I know this is a bit early, but all construction will be done as quickly possible. Please note that this work will be done throughout the week and not on the weekend. We will continue to update everyone as we find out more. If you have any question please feel free to email me. Please be sure to pass this information on to your neighbors, friends and others you may come across in town. Let’s get the word out.

Updated on: December 12, 2014

Landscaping and pedestrian lighting

While we are having some warm weather please feel free to move any landscaping near your home and sidewalks. We would also encourage the removal of your pedestrian lighting for your keeping. Please do not removal any other lighting except for those lights in front of your property. We would also like to suggest that you have a licensed electrician onsite during removal.

March 2015 Update

Streetscape work is busy, busy, busy. Washington Gas continues to work on the gas lines throughout town. They will be finishing up the gas line work sometime in April. Concrete General is working on storm water management (front of the Fire house). Their contractor will start to remove all trees throughout town this week (March 9th) and into next week. Please be mindful of flaggers and orange cones (no parking zones) in the work zones. Any vehicles in this area will be towed at the owners expense. Finally, please be mindful and patient during drop-off and pick-up times at NMES ~ we want to keep our children (and neighbors) safe.


Alert: There will be a materials change (bricks used on project) reviewed at April’s HDC/ARC meeting. This meeting is open to the public and we encourage the public to attend to give your review and comment. The meeting is held on the 2nd Tuesday of April @7pm at Town Hall (39 west Main Street).

April 2015 Update

Current Project Status

  • Continuing storm water management installations on East end of Mani Street and will begin in front of Fire Station
  • Tree/Foliage clearing is 25% complete

Old Business

  • Status of Brick – Parties informed that HDC unanimously approved original colors of brick.
  • Gas company is finished with their “heavy work.” Just have three residence hook ups remaining.

Updated on: April 16, 2015

Pennwine Modeled Type 2 brick

Pennwine Modeled Type 2 brick

May 2015 Update

As of May 2015 our project is 17.8% complete. On Tuesday, May 12th the HDC/ARC board approved the Pennwine Modeled Type 2 brick. This brick will be installed throughout the historic district. The selection now will be taken to the Maryland Historic Trust for approval. You will also notice stakes and marking throughout town identifying the new locations of our pedestrian lights. We know that traffic patterns and roads (asphalt) have a bit rough and sporadic. Please know that we are working with our partners (SHA and Concrete General) to resolve each issue as soon as possible. If you have any issues or questions please contact Councilman Rossman or Romanell. As always we appreciate your patience and understanding.


Stake identifying new pedestrian light

Stake identifying new pedestrian light

Updated on: May 15, 2015

June 2015 Update

There will be a new traffic pattern (slight shift in the lane) in the area of the Masonic lodge. The new pattern will be in place Thursday, June 18th or Friday, June 19th depending on the weather.


Updated on: June 17, 2015

July 2015 Update

Streetscape Update: The streetscape contractor will be running storm drain across the New Market Middle school’s entrance on Thursday and Friday, July 9th & 10th. You will still be able to enter the Middle school through the Elementary school’s parking lot. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Concrete General will be continuing the new curb and gutter progressing east coming from the post office. The driveways will be impacted starting at 158 West main and continuing east. They will make the driveways passable ASAP and no later than than the end of the work day.

Last Updated: July 27, 2015

Traffic pattern change in front of schools

Starting today, Thursday, August 27th for a week – Concrete General will be working in the vicinity of the Elementary and Middle School entrances. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

October Traffic Detour

Streetscape Update:  The proposed date for the phase 2 traffic switch will be Oct. 19. This is the stage when the detour route will be Emory Alley and North Federal St. The traffic on 144 will be split around the streetscape work area. Strawberry Alley will be closed until this phase of the work is complete.

Please make a note that large trucks and buses will not be able to make a right turn from south bound 874 to west bound 144. The trucks and buses must use 75 to 144. There will be signs in place for the detour.

Also, grass sod, bricks, asphalt, and new curbs are starting to go in. Thank you for continued patience during this time.

Updated: October 8, 2015

New Lamp Post and Community Park Path

Our new pedestrian lamps are being put up temporarily. Also, the new path for the park is being installed. Lots of great progress.




Updated: October 22, 2015

Traffic Pattern change on October 28th

There will be a new traffic pattern change on October 28th. This will be shifting traffic to the south side of 144. During this phase, there will be no access to 144 from 874. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Updated: October 23, 2015

Traffic pattern change on November 11th

Streetscape Update: We are scheduled to implement phase 5 MOT on Nov. 11. At that time 144 traffic will will shifted to the north from the fire house to the Vintage restaurant. During this phase there will be no parking on the north side of 144 in that area. We will be able to accommodate parking on the South side of 144. On Nov. 11 we will be opening up the intersection at 874. Phase 5 will be in effect through December.

December 2015 Update

Streetscape continues to make progress going into the winter months.  Much of this progress is strategic planning for spring.  The Town, SHA, and Concrete General has identified a issue with the pedestrian light poles.  The current poles weren’t to spec., so SHA will order a new pole that has a smooth white surface.  Once a sample pole is in it will be at Town Hall for review.  The Town also is working with SHA and Concrete General on the Firehouse apron.  The current apron is asphalt and is not holding up to the heavy equipment.  The town would like to see about getting a new concrete apron in front of the firehouse.  The firehouse also would like to make sure the pitch of the new apron is correct.  More to come on that. Storm water drains will continue to be placed throughout town this winter and into the spring.

January 2016

At this time our project is 46.8% complete.  Streetscape has been slowed by the weather, however we are still moving forward to produce the best Streetscape ever.  This month’s update still has storm water drains (intakes) going in and discussion of a new cross walk being placed at Marley Street.  The current project didn’t have a crosswalk at the East end of town.  The town has worked with SHA and Concrete General to get a new crosswalk placed at Marley Street.  The town is still working with SHA on the total funding cost of the firehouse apron.  We will be setting up a meeting with the firehouse members, SHA, and Concrete General to talk further about what needs to be done.  Conduit for the pedestrian lighting is currently going in and will continue with weather permitting.

February 2016 Update

Streetscape is now 50.2% complete.  Storm water drains (intake) were placed by Town Hall, east end of town, and Strawberry Alley.  The new storm water drain that was placed at Strawberry Alley was met by a clogged pipe.  SHA is going to research the clogged pipe to find the extent of the issue.  We will be discussing this issue in the future as we get more information.

A meeting between the Town, Firehouse, SHA, and Concrete General to discuss the firehouse apron has been schedule at the end of this month.

The pedestrian light pole sample has arrived at town hall and is as expected.  If you would like to view the new pole it is currently at town hall.  Our project will start to see rod iron railing going up over the next couple of months.  This railing will go up on top of the newly constructed brick walls.  As these elements go in we will be posting pictures on our FaceBook page.

Finally, even though we’ve had some serve weather, the contractor reports that we are still on target.

March 2016 Update

We are moving closer to completion @ 51.5% complete.  You’ll notice many of our sidewalks and french drains are going in quickly.  The sidewalks patterns will start to change from running bond to herringbone (see patterns below).  Concrete General will finish up the south side sidewalks first, before moving to the north side.  The new pedestrian lighting poles are due to arrive the first week in April.  Concrete General will then remove the old lighting poles and replace with the new.  Update on Strawberry Alley:  All clogged pipes have been cleared and are ready for water.


Running bond pattern                                                                                    Herringbone pattern

runningbond                                 herringbone

Alert for April 2nd!

Concrete General is planning to excavate and pour the entrance of Hahn Transportation this Saturday, April 2nd (@ night).



May 2016


Motorists Should Follow Detour Signs and Plan for Additional Travel Time

(May 5, 2016) – Tuesday May 10, the Maryland Department of Transportation’s State Highway Administration (SHA) will close a portion of MD 144 (Main Street) between MD 75 (Green Valley Road) and Prospect Road in New Market, Frederick County. Crews will begin work at 6 p.m. on Tuesday May 10, and continue through Thursday May 12 at 6 p.m., weather permitting. The closure is necessary to allow crews to remove the top layer of asphalt, lower the roadway profile and repave the road and driveways connections.

Work will occur around the clock for 48 hours so motorists should plan extra travel time. The Maryland State Police will assist with traffic control during the morning and evening commutes. Motorists will follow a signed detour:

• From west on Main Street toward New Market Middle and Elementary schools, take northbound MD 75 to a left on MD 874 (Old New Market Road) and back to Main Street.

• From east on Main Street, travel towards the city park, turn left onto MD 874 (Old New Market Road) to a right on MD 75, and then access both I-70 and MD 144 (Main Street).





Concrete General will be shifting traffic to the south side of 144 on Friday the 20th. All residents and business owners are asked to obey the no parking signs, while they make this traffic shift.


June – July 2016

Over the summer Concrete General will continue sidewalk, planter, railing, and pedestrian lighting work.


August 2016

Concrete General will be starting the Marley Street widening work on Monday, August 8th.  They will need to close Marley Street from 7am – 3 pm for one week.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Project is 71.4% complete

On September 6th, Marley Street will be shut down to have the asphalt base coat laid.  The road will be closed until this work is completed (1 business day).  When Marley Street is re-opened please look for email letting everyone know of new traffic pattern (2 way street).

Brick sidewalks will be getting polymeric sand laid, as the old sand has washed out.  This will allow our sidewalks to remain tight in the years to come.

Please note if you live in the Historic District, Concrete General has installed PVC inlets near your downspouts.  You are welcome to connect your downspouts into the inlets allowing the water to go into the storm water drains.  See picture below for example.



We hope to see tree planting this October.  More to come as we get closer.

As always, if you have any issues of concerns please contact Councilman Rossman or Councilman Romanell.


October 2016

The project is 78.3% complete.



Streetscape: November 2016 Update

The final milling and paving of Main Street has been rescheduled to begin on Monday, November 14, 2016 weather permitting.  Milling has been completed as of November 18th.  Thank you to everyone in town for the great corporation.

Paving will began on Monday, November 28th.  The contractor is pushing the paving off until after the holiday.  On November 28th paving will be underway for the next 2 weeks.  Most the work will be done at night, however as temperature fall below 40 degrees the work will have to be moved to daytime hours (9am – 3pm).

Trees, bushes, and bulbs are being planted throughout town.  Contractors is also laying SOD down throughout the open spaces.

Pedestrian lights are finished; we are now awaiting power from the First Energy.  All the paperwork has been submitted and New Market is waiting for our turn for service.

Lastly, the town is working with SHA to resolve some outstanding project issues.  SHA is trying to resolve before winter, but our issues list may take us into Spring.

As always we appreciate your corporation and patience during this project.


November 28th Streetscape Update: Pleasant Paving is setup for tonight’s paving. They still need to do some more milling, wedge, and leveling before they can start on main line paving. Concrete General is working during the day adjusting manholes and will be doing the MOT at night for the paving company at night. Also, Baldwin Electric is on the project starting to install new street signs and Empire Landscape continues to plant more trees.